Monday, March 21, 2011

Savannah and Buddy

We have three animals.  Two black cats and a grey/white husky.  These are older animals, cats are about 14 years old and dog is 10 and 1/2.  When Savannah came along it was interesting to see how they would react.  Kiki ignores, but tolerates her, Connor, well he is having a hard time but we are working on it, but Buddy...Buddy found true love with Savannah.

We are not sure why he likes her so much, as you see below she literally chews him up.  He loves to cuddle with her on her changing table, will sleep in her room at night until we go to bed, and he doesn't seem to mind when she grabs two fistfuls of hair and pulls him to her.  He likes her so much that the mama is fearful that he will stop cuddling with the mama at night and opt for Savannah instead when she goes to her "big girl" bed in a couple years.

(Please note that we do not force Buddy to endure this torture, while we are teaching Savannah to be gentle, at some point we just tell the cat that if he is doesn't like what she does to him he just needs to move away from her.)

Yes, she chews on the cat's tail.  Little cat hair never hurt anyone.

I wish pictures had sound, she squeals with delight when she see Buddy.

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