Friday, January 27, 2012

First visit to the dentist

She was a superstar!

Savannah was so good at the dentist she got a treat that the mama does not usually give her.  Actually it is so rare that it is only the second time it has been used as a treat, the first time was a month ago after she had to get yet bunch of shots at the pediatrician.  Anyway, we stopped at McDonald's on the way home.  She ate her nutritious lunch that we brought along with us in the car and then headed into McDonald's for a milkshake.  She had a couple sips of the milkshake, a couple french fries, then spent the rest of the time in their play area.  So the real treat was running around playing.  Guess I can't look too harshly at McDonald's, today anyway, good ol' Ronald gave Savannah a small sweet treat and 40 minutes of exercise.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How young is too young?

Last night the mama decide that Savannah should start helping around the house.  What that means for a 19 month old is she can wipe up her mess at the table after her dinner.  The mama held her while she stood on a chair and wiped the table.  Of course we don't expect perfection, but do want to keep moving her in the direction of self sufficiency.  This started early for us, first when Savannah could crawl she was generally expected to crawl to the bathroom for her bath. That transitioned to her walking to the bath, and now she gladly runs to the bath.   

She is helpful with cleaning up her toys, but we still have a HUGE learning curve with that task.  After realizing she enjoys wiping up messes (usually when she spills milk or water on the floor), the logical next step was Savannah being responsible for wiping up her after dinner mess.  Again, perfection at this point is not the goal, rather it is learning to be a responsible member of her family.

Is 19 months too young to be assigned a chore?  I don't know, so guess we will have to ask her therapist in 20 years.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bob and Larry part 2

Lots of videos... Bob and Larry part 1

Savannah is very into Veggie Tales books these days.  It is cute and kind of strange to hear her ask for "Bob" (sometimes "Bobby") and/or "Larry".  We took these videos over a 45 minute period while trying to get Savannah to eat lunch.  She was sick with a stomach virus last week, more on that later...

I love you!

Listen carefully, the first video she says a quick, "I love you," and then she teases with an "I see you".  We get a really nice "I love you" in the second video.

Are you becoming a 2 year old?

Is what the daddy said to 19 month old Savannah this morning as she was having a complete meltdown on the bed this morning.  To which she immediately replied through her weeping and screams, "da" (yes). 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Go vote for Savannah!

Please hop on over to this blog and vote for Savannah, #18.  I have a
special request, please ask your Facebook friends to go vote as well
(I was defeated last year by Facebook).  I know, hypocrisy since I
refuse to get my own FB account, please forgive!  (Apparently this
year you have to "like" her on FB for the votes to count...sorry if
that is a tota pain!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In which we are thankful for our nanny...or the first ear infection

Well leave it to Magda to pick up on the fact that Savannah was sicker than we knew.  Savannah had a cold following New Year's but we just assumed it was due to a week of too much fun with family (we were worn out too). Her cold symptoms came and went except for a lingering junky cough and runny nose.  The mama is not one to overreact so thought that too would pass in a week or two. 

Apparently Magda didn't agree.  Yesterday she "suggested" to the mama that Savannah go see the doctor.  So off we went at 8am this morning to the sick kid drop-in hours (March of the Sick Kids is what the mama likes to call it).  Savannah happened to wake up 40 minutes early this morning (probably because she didn't feel good) so we got to the doctor's office 10 minutes early and were second in line.  Done with our visit  by 8:30 with an ear infection diagnosis and a prescription.

The mama has to add that she was only going to the doctor to appease Magda.  The mama still questioned the value of taking Savannah to the doctor as we sat in the waiting room with all the other kids sitting quietly  not feeling well while Savannah played with the trains and belted out her favorite tunes.