Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 month updates

Loads of pictures will be coming, we got very busy around here the last month.  In the meantime, that girl continues to amaze us with her development everyday. 

Her list of her words:
uP (she puts a lot of stress on the "p" sound)
dan (down)
nannah (banana and Savannah)
MaMA (stress on the last "ma")
dada (she knows Jon comes home second and yells it in delight when the door opens when I am feeding her dinner)
bubba (buddy the cat)
a du (all done)
and who can forget aba (agua but also leche/milk)
Most amazing is she understands what we are telling her. More and more if she isn't doing what we say it is because she is ignoring our direction, not because she doesn't know what we are asking/telling.  But most of the time she is very good at listening and following directions.  
I need to get a video of her pointing out her body parts, she is really good at pointing out her nose, teeth, tongue, foot, hair, ear, eye and head.  She can also point to those parts on us if we ask. 
Her favorite book for nap time/bed time is Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton, but Time for Tom (Veggie Tales book) is a close second.  Her animal book is her favorite to read herself, she opens it right to the lion and roars every time.
She is still a tall, skinny string bean...and cute as always!