Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How young is too young?

Last night the mama decide that Savannah should start helping around the house.  What that means for a 19 month old is she can wipe up her mess at the table after her dinner.  The mama held her while she stood on a chair and wiped the table.  Of course we don't expect perfection, but do want to keep moving her in the direction of self sufficiency.  This started early for us, first when Savannah could crawl she was generally expected to crawl to the bathroom for her bath. That transitioned to her walking to the bath, and now she gladly runs to the bath.   

She is helpful with cleaning up her toys, but we still have a HUGE learning curve with that task.  After realizing she enjoys wiping up messes (usually when she spills milk or water on the floor), the logical next step was Savannah being responsible for wiping up her after dinner mess.  Again, perfection at this point is not the goal, rather it is learning to be a responsible member of her family.

Is 19 months too young to be assigned a chore?  I don't know, so guess we will have to ask her therapist in 20 years.

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