Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh the times are a changin

For almost a week Savannah has been battling a cold.  In addition to the cold, her two front teeth decided to make their move last weekend.  Add on a new found love of crawling on all fours, and you have not only a very big week/weekend, but a very tired baby that is not feeling good or eating well.  I think we turned a corner last night, she was up an hour earlier than normal (I made her stay in bed until it was time to get up in my opinion...I know mean, mean mama), but no more hour long hysterical crying spells in the middle of the night (poor baby!). 

And turning a corner could not have happened on a better day.  For my birthday I got kisses and squeals from the cutest little girl with crazy morning hair and a face full of dried snot.  Last year I was on a beach in Puerto Rico, and the years before that Jon and I would meet up with friends at local bars, to celebrate my birthday; but, none of those past birthdays can compare to few minutes this morning with a snot encrusted, smiling Savannah.  Wow, has life changed!

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