Friday, June 14, 2013

Early Birthday Presents

Savannah unwrapped a few birthday gifts a bit early, here was a few of her reactions:

Aunt Chrissy's gift:

After ripping off the paper she exclaimed, "It's a box!"

Chrissy helped her open the box to show the gift wasn't only a box, it was a play coffee maker for her play kitchen:

S:  What is it?
C:  It is a coffee maker.
S: But I don't drink coffee.

After unwrapping G'ma and G'dad Fischer's gift:

Someone said there is more in the bag.  Savannah digs around, pulls something out then proclaims, "It's safety scissors!" As she is whipping around standard sharp scissors that G'ma forgot she put in the bag to use to wrap one of Savannah's gifts.

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