Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birth Plan

Did that catch your attention?  No, there is no other baby entering our lives.  The mama is talking about Savannah's birth plan, or as she was known at the time, Baby Stern.  As the mama was putting on some music this morning she selected from the "Baby Stern Playlist", and a rush of memories of the days leading up to Savannah's arrival came flooding back.  The mama plans to post Savannah's birth story in the coming days (you know once the mama writes it), and lots of newborn photos since those never made it to the blog.  In the meantime, the mama thought a nice memory for today would be the birth plan.  (As you will find out in the birth story, the best laid plans are just that plans.)

Fischer/Stern Birth Plan
·         Progress
o   Prefer not to use medical induction.
o   Stimulate naturally
·         Pain Medications and IV
o   Do not oppose epidural, I will ask for it if needed (I do want to know if there is a “cut-off” point to get epidural)
o   No routine IVs (I am negative for group B Strep)
o   Use hep-lock
·         Monitoring
o   Mobile telemetry unit
·         Pushing
o   Coaching/direction if I opt for epidural
o   Spontaneous if I don’t have an epidural
·         Perineal Care
o   Prefer to tear, no episiotomy
·         Baby
o   We do not know the sex, please tell us immediately
o   Cord left to pulse
o   On belly immediately
o   Baby nursing within first hour
o   Delay newborn procedures for first hour (includes Erythromycin and vitamin K delay)
o   No hepatitis B shot
·         Postpartum
o   No bottles

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